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About Portfolio Grader

Welcome to my Portfolio Grader stock-rating tool! This is Louis Navellier and it's a pleasure to have you. When it comes to stock analysis or portfolio analysis, Portfolio Grader is an incredibly powerful tool for individual investors. I can't wait to show you everything Portfolio Grader can do for you! But before I get to all the bells and whistles, I want to share with you my proven formula behind every stock rating.

The Formula

When it comes to finding market-beating stocks on Wall Street, there are two critical characteristics at the center of my stock analysis. The first is strong fundamentals. By fundamentals, I mean sales growth, earnings growth and the like. Growing companies are companies that are healthy and thriving. They have smart leaders who know how to run and manage a smart business. If a company is struggling to sell its products or is spending more than it makes, it's not a company that you want to own for growth.

The second characteristic I look for in any great stock is strong buying pressure. Think of this as "following the money." The more money that floods into a stock, the more momentum a stock has to rise. And there's no doubt about it, we all like stocks that rise!

Easy as A-B-C

While a vigorous amount of number-crunching goes on behind the scenes, Portfolio Grader is designed to give you my analysis in easy-to-interpret A to F letter grades.

In Portfolio Grader the Quantitative Grade you see measures the buying pressure. The Fundamental Grade you see evaluates the stock's fundamentals. Blend those two grades together and what you get is the Total Grade. The Total Grade gives you my current buy, sell or hold recommendation. A=Strong Buy, B=Buy, C=Hold, D=Sell and F=Strong Sell.

Stock Analysis

For more in-depth analysis on any stock, be sure to click on the Stock Report icon. When you do you'll access Portfolio Grader's exclusive Stock Reports filled with timely stock news and commentary, live stock quotes, plus a detailed view of my fundamental stock analysis. You'll see my exclusive ratings in the categories of sales growth, earnings growth, cash flow, and six other key fundamentals, pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses of any given stock. You'll also get a birds-eye view of past ratings for any stock, whether over the last few weeks or over the last 12 months.

Altogether Portfolio Grader contains some 5,000 stock reports that are updated daily.

Portfolio Analysis

Of course Portfolio Grader not only helps you rate some 5,000 Wall Street stocks, it also does exactly what it says it will do: Grade your portfolio. Simply plug in any combination of stocks and Portfolio Grader will conduct a thorough portfolio analysis. You'll find the Total Portfolio Grade as well as my Portfolio Review at the bottom of any portfolio.

Once you create a portfolio, be sure to save it! When you do, you'll be able to check in on your stocks 24/7 with just a click of your mouse. (User Tip: You must be logged in to save a portfolio. But don't worry; we made the login process quick, easy and absolutely free.)

How to Get Started

Now it's time to put the power of Portfolio Grader to work for you. If you're a new user, I recommend visiting the 3-step How to Get Started section first.

Happy stock hunting!

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